The closing date is 05 April 2024

The Dietician post at Cranbrook PCN are to focus on supporting diabetics review for care home patients with an emphasis on diabetic educations for care, learning disabilities and mental health care homes. The ideal candidates would also be accepting practice referrals to provide lifestyle advice and diabetic reviews to be delivered from each practice. We are looking for someone local to Redbridge, happy to work across multiple practices and preferably someone that is bi-lingual however this is not essential.


Main duties of the job

Provide specialist nutrition and diet advice to patients, their carers, and healthcare professionals through treatment, education plans, and prescriptions;

Educate patients with diet-related disorders on how they can improve their health and prevent disease by adopting healthier eating and drinking habits;

Provide dietary support to patients of all ages (from early-life to end-of-life care) in a variety of settings including nurseries, patient homes and care homes;

Work as part of a multi-disciplinary team to gain patients cooperation and understanding in following recommended dietary treatments;

Work with clinicians, multi-disciplinary team colleagues and external agencies to ensure the smooth transition of patients discharged from hospital back into primary care, so that they can continue their diet plan;