Education and Training


Dr. Shabnam Quraishi

Dr Shabnam Quraishi
Clinical Lead

CEPN (Community Education Provider Network)
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The ST4 Program
The ST4 Program is being developed by Healthbridge through the CEPN. It aims to stop the leaking away of our current GPs in training to other parts of the country or world and to create an alternative to locuming for those who want a varied job after completion of training. We are developing a series of posts based partly in local practices and partly in areas of either clinical or quality improvement specialisation.

Emergency Medicine Fellows
The EM fellows program is supported by HENCEL and looks to recruit GPs and nurses to work both in GP practices and in acute primary care settings such as the hubs and urgent care centres. The fellows work towards a diploma in urgent care and this is funded by HENCEL.

New to Nursing
The New to Nursing Program is a fully funded HENCEL project brought into BHR by Healthbridge. Currently 12 nurses wishing to become practice nurses are working 2.5 days in General Practice and spending 2.5 days in training.

Clinical Pharmacists in GP Practices
The Clinical Pharmacist in GP Practices Pilot was bid for directly by Healthbridge from NHS England. It has given us partial funding to employ 7 pharmacists and 3 senior pharmacists. In addition, it provides full funding for training for pharmacists to become independent prescribers and integrated parts of the practice team. More about this programme on the NHS website.

Pharmacists in Urgent Care Centre
The Pharmacy in UCC Program came about through HENCEL approaching Healthbridge because of their history of developing these programs. It is full funding for three pharmacists to work in the Urgent Care Centre with clinical and managerial supervision and will link with the pharmacy in practice program to take the next step in pharmacy participation in delivering health care.